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Areas of Usage

Agricultural Projects, Transportation Projects, Industrial Projects,
Commercial Projects, Sports Facility Projects, Public Area Projects,
Urban Projects, High Security Areas Projects, ASTM Required Projects
MONO Fence Projects Agricultural

Agricultural Projects

These are the fence systems that MONO Fence developed for the protection of agricultural lands and livestock raising areas and, the fence systems that are used to protect the nature and animals in different locations. Many different fence systems such as welded wires, chain-link fences, welded panels are preferred in these areas.

Transportation Projects

Through the great solutions we have developed in many projects such as airports, motorways, maritime transportation, railways, substructures, infrastructures etc., we are proud that MONO Fence is a well-known brand increasing its market recognition with each passing day. We are continuing to participate in many projects with strategic importance.

MONO Fence Projects Transportation
MONO Fence Projects Industrial

Industrial Projects

MONO Fence offer perimeter security through our special fences, razor wires, gate systems in large-scale areas such as factories, warehouses and many other industrial facilities.

Commercial Projects

MONO Fence continue to be present in many projects in the region with the systems perfectly designed to meet the different needs of many buildings such as shopping malls, schools and hospitals. MONO Fence bring aesthetic to commercial buildings.

MONO Fence Projects Commercial
MONO Fence Projects Sports Facility

Sports Facility Projects

MONO Fence carry out significant sports facility projects in your living spaces through our systems that we specially design for many different sports facilities such as stadiums, tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts etc.

Public Area Projects

MONO Fence specially designed fence systems are used to offer perimeter security in many different public areas such as schools, parks and gardens, municipalities, hospitals and social service areas etc. We develop special solutions for public areas in our region.

MONO Fence Projects Public Area
MONO Fence Projects Urban

Urban Projects

MONO Fence offer you high security in the living spaces of your housing projects through our fence and gate systems in our wide range of products customizable according to your needs such as those that are decorative, affordable, secure etc. We combine aesthetic and secure solutions.

High Security Areas Projects

The field of HSA covers the aspect of perimeter security in many areas such as nuclear power plants, power plants, prisons, military zones, public institutions and public areas etc. which require a high level of security. MONO Fence’s expert staff develop individual solutions resulting in high protection systems for each project.

MONO Fence Projects High Security Areas
MONO Fence Projects ASTM

ASTM Required Projects

A high resistant Chainlink systems with a very high galvanized coating thickness in line with the American Fence Standards. Unlike the chain link wires, fittings and horizontal bands are used during the installation.