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To produce solutions for the world of the future from today.

MONO Fence, which started its knitted wire production activities in Europe in 1976, has achieved sustainable growth since its establishment and sets the trends of the sector with its dynamic working model, innovative solutions, wide product range and pioneering technologies integrated into its production track.

MONO Fence, Made in USA

We are specialized on Chainlink Fences, Welded Fence Panels and Grass Fence Screens, our large manufacturing volumes allows us to serve with the most competitive pricing and fast delivery abilities from our warehouses across the nation.

MONO Fence contribute to and are involved in the projects with strategic importance at many different platforms such as high security projects, borders, transportation projects, industrial facilities, housing projects, commercial areas and sports facilities etc. continuously increasing our production quality.

With the world’s most advanced machinery technologies that we have integrated into our plants, we create great solutions specially designed to each project perfectly meeting every security needs.

Keeping up with the needs of the world for increased security needs, MONO Fence manufactures user friendly and environmentally friendly products adhering to its essential values at all times.

We always work carefully and meticulously to keep our customers satisfied in every aspect from the raw material quality to the manufacturing process

Quality comes from the manufacturer!