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The most important features of the hot dip drawn in the desired diameter at the customer’s request, of our galvanized wires produced by passing through the processes of annealing, acid, flux bath and zinc dipping in the state-of-the-art galvanizing line are their resistance to corrosion and their long service life.

Hot-dip galvanized wires can be used in the manufacture of industrial products such as wire netting, barbed wires, braided fence wires, hanger and suspended ceiling wires.

Main characteristics of galvanized coated wires:

1) The surface is smooth and clean, free of defects such as cracks, slubs, thorns, corrosion, bends and scars, etc;
2) The zinc layer is uniform, continuous, bright and does not fall off;
3) The appearance is round with stable size, high tensile strength.

It can meet the requirements of IEC 60888, ASTM B498, BS EN 50189, GB/T 3428 and other standards.

Our galvanized steel wires supplied in bound coils and also with smaller bale’s.

We have various products stocked at our San Diego warehouse, ready for immediate shipment.

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